About Us

The brand Dalin® was created under the roof of Kopaş Cosmetics in 1983 by Adil Karaağaç, a pharmacist who is also the founder of Bilim İlaç - one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Turkey.

The vision of the brand was to offer high quality and affordable baby hair and skin care products that were developed and produced with the meticulousness of the pharmaceutical industry which were specifically developped for babies, whose needs differed from those of adults.

The first products to be offered to mothers were tear-free baby shampoo, baby powder and baby soap. From the very first day, Dalin® products have been manufactured with a diligence that goes beyond the age. The production facility of Dalin® is the first facility to be GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practices) in the cosmetics industry of Turkey. The backbone of the quality that is offered to mothers and the resulting trust that has lasted for many generations is guaranteed by a QAS (Quality Assurance System).

Dalin® baby shampoo, which has been the mothers’ choice for generations, is currently the number-one shampoo in Turkey with a market share of nearly 50%. Dalin®, which has expanded its expertise in baby hair care to skin care and baby laundry care, is currently a baby care brand which meets all needs of mothers and offers them 51 different types of products in 17 categories such as baby oil, foam hand soap, nappy cream, wet wipes, diaper changing mat, nursing pads, laundry detergent and fabric softener and many more, all specially developed for the delicate baby skin.